Dear Hellenes, Philhellenes, and Friends,
Glory to God!!!   Glory Forever!!!

With joy and great excitement, we at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church open our arms to you and your family and friends. Thirty-seven years ago, our community began sharing with Southern Arizona our hospitality, food, music, dance, and Faith. Today, this annual event thrives because of the efforts of many members of our local Community, and it is through their loving and generous efforts that we offer you this experience of Greece!

There is a famous Orthodox icon of the Trinity that is known as the “Hospitality of Abraham and Sarah,” and is based on Genesis 18. It depicts three angels sitting at a table where food and drink and utensils are placed. Abraham and Sarah are serving them, not realizing they are angels.  There is perfect communion among the three seated angels and the two humans attentively offering them sustenance and comfort. Abraham and Sarah, through the offering of hospitality, are allowed into communion with the Godhead. This is powerful imagery.

For us today at this festival, you are the angels and we are Abraham and Sarah. Our service and hospitality to you are a reflection of our relationship with our Creator. Of course, you too may never know who in today’s crowd is human and who is angelic; so for today, you too are called to give God’s love and hospitality to all.

There is so much to enjoy here at the Tucson Greek Festival. Of course, there is live Greek music, dancing, and our exquisite food. But there is even more for you to explore. There are different cooking demonstrations every day so that you can learn to replicate our pastries and delicious meals at home. There are lectures by respected speakers and authors so that you might open your minds to new and even ancient ideas. There are Greece folk dance exhibitions and classes for you to watch and learn.  Enjoy Greek beer or Greek wine or Greek coffee as you watch the world go by and experience the life and kefi (spirit) of the culture surrounding you.

Finally, as a priest and pastor, I would be remiss if I did not invite you to tour our beautiful Church and learn a little about ancient Christianity and how we continue to practice our ancient Faith in a modern world.

Truly there is something for every age, for every interest, and for every person here at the Tucson Greek Festival 2015. Come and join us every day from Thursday through Sunday and try something new or learn something new each time. Who knows, your visit with an angel may be waiting for you right now.

God Bless and Efxaristo Poli (Thank you very much)!


Yours in Christ,

Father Earl Cantos

Pastor of St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church



1145 East Fort Lowell Road, Tucson, Arizona 85719

Tel: (520) 888-0505     FAX: (520) 888-3089

2015 Event Times & Dates

Free Parking & Shuttle Service Schedule

Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Amphi Plaza Parking Lot/ Located at 1st Ave & Ft. Lowell

Thursday & Friday

Sacred Heart Church

Saturday Only

Salpointe Catholic High School Stadium(N. Lot on Glenn)
Sacred Heart Church(after 6:00pm)

Admission Prices

$3.00 per adult per day

$6.00 per adult - Four Day Pass

Free Admission for children under 12

Free Admission for Active Duty Military with ID

Free Admission for Seniors, age 60 and older SATURDAY ONLY 4 to 6 pm

Bring canned food for the Community Food Bank and get a $1.00 off coupon to use on the Food. ALL FOUR DAYS